Millennial Investors Are Not Over the Financial Crisis

Think the financial world has finally recovered from the 2008 crisis? Think again.

Most investors still count themselves as “influenced” or “strongly influenced” by the events of the financial crisis, according to the Legg Mason 2017 Investment survey released recently.

Millennial investor habits were most strongly affected, the survey of more than 15,000 global investors found.

While 31% of all investors surveyed reported that the events of 2008 “strongly” impact their investment decisions in the present day, 57% of millennial investors noted the same.

A total of 83% of millennial investors cited that their decisions today were influenced in some manner by the financial crisis, compared to 65% of all investors surveyed (still a majority of the group, however).

Moreover, only 14% of millennials reported that their present investing decisions were “not influenced at all” by the crisis.

The full report may be found here.

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