PayPal Remains Most Popular ‘Innovative’ Banking Product for Millennials

Still working on that Venmo-killer app? It might be a better idea to focus on its parent company.

Most millennials—more than 90%—have used or are using PayPal currently, according to the Millennial Money survey released last week by Vested.

Other “innovative” banking products (i.e., those that are not attached to incumbents or traditional banking services) are certainly being explored by the millennial generation, the survey of about 400 millennials found.

However, those services have quite the gap to make up, according to the survey; Square came in second place with only 28% of millennials citing that they had used the service.

Venmo, meanwhile, was a very close third in line, with 21% of participants stating that they had used the “killer” P2P service — which was not a sharp divide between the 20% of millennials who have used Chase QuickPay and Mint.

While PayPal is ubiquitous for millennial users, according to the survey, the other “innovative” products had their niches, with Mint and Stash being far more popular with affluent millennials (of the 4% of survey participants who reported using Stash, the app was most popular for the highest income bracket of $125k and higher).

Take a look at the full study here.

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