Breaking Banks: Fintech Superheroes

In this episode, the show highlights four of many Fintech fighters that are working to make the system better, smarter, faster, cheaper, and more honest.

First up is Neobank hero Norris Koppel, the founder of Monese, which was started out of his own need to open a bank account as an immigrant. Like many heroes, he decided to solve the problem for everyone after him.

Next comes Frederic Nze, whose Oakam is transforming microlending in London, strengthening communities and giving opportunity to the financially underserved.

Marta Piekarska, the bright star of Hyperledger, is up next; Piekarska is working on blockchains that could solve problems of trust, transparency, and transfers forever.

And last, but hardly least, is Steve Kirsch. As CEO and Founder of Token, he is solving the problem of banks’ accuracy, agility, and speed.

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