Seed Deals Up in NYC, With Fintech and Real Estate in the Leads

Seed deal volume increased in the second quarter of 2017 for the first time in six quarters, according to investment firm Primary Venture Partners.

According to a report released this week, 37 deals closed during the quarter, up 6% from the previous quarter totaling in $67.1 million. That marks a 16% increase from the previous quarter. From the report:

Average deal size has continued to climb steadily over the last four straight quarters – a good sign for the market overall, as VCs are both willing and able to cut larger checks for those companies and founders they deem most promising.

The areas of most activity in the quarter include enterprise SaaS platforms across a variety of verticals, real estate, and fintech startups, according to the report: “AI continues to be the talk of the tech world, having seen a 5-year high in deals and dollars last year. AI has its hands in virtually all verticals, but this quarter it showed particular strength in B2B SaaS applications. Q2 saw interesting AI plays in Fintech (Agolo), healthcare (Spring Care), IoT (Reality AI) and retail (Claire).”

The full report, together with the breakdown of individual deals, is available here.

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