Platforms, Frameworks, SDK’s for FinTech products

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Can you advice solutions for rapid FinTech products and services development?
Which include actors, roles, accounts, transactions, API and other must have for any FinTech project components?

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Posted by Pavlo Sidelov
Asked on April 14, 2016 4:34 am
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That’s a very broad question. Any response (this included) is likely to be incomplete. You’re likely to find more specific answer across the answer base as it grows.

On a high level I would say your best approach is to refine any concept until you can understand what your minimum viable product will be. Many new FinTech companies try to go too wide in the beginning. As far as other resources:

* Developers: Try to source local developers if possible. It will help you stay on pace and keep quality high. Seriously, good developers are your best resource. At a minimum you’ll need developers for your back end, front end, and a designer.

* Infrastructure: Cloud based infrastructure allows you set up with minimum cost and scale as you go. Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Heroku are some examples.

* APIs: This is highly variable and depends on your concept. There are a lot of great APIs that save you from having to reinvent the wheel. Below are some examples:

* Data Aggregation: Companies like mine (Financial Apps), Yodlee, and Plaid supply financial data aggregation across a wide pipeline of FIs. We’ll connect to banks, credit cards, investments, loans etc and return a user’s financial data through our API

* Investment: Other companies are more heavily focused on a specific data types such as investments (Xignite, Quovo). This may contain some elements of regular data aggregation, but probably also contain more market data (vs. an individual’s data).

* Payments: There’s plenty of ways to move / collect money that are easy to integrate. Examples include Stripe, Braintree,, Paypal.

* Messaging: Companies like Sendgrid, Twilio, and can help you manage the messaging, email, and notification portion of your application.

There are literally thousands of other resources out there to help rapidly create your Fintech. Check out places FinDEVr, Finovate, and Bank Innovation to aid you in your search.

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Answered on April 14, 2016 10:32 am
Thank you, Dexter, for very detailed answer But all you mentioned is a components, and in any case you need to build the product collecting this components together. I ask about something ready for business ”from the box”, similar to ”Open Bank Project” or Cyclos.
(Pavlo Sidelov at April 15, 2016 2:53 am)
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