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New York, N.Y.

Betterment is an online (and mobile) investment tool attempting to differentiate with a superior user experience and customer service.

There are quite a few investment tools out there for well-heeled Ge Y'ers, but Betterment appears to be finding traction.

The company is now pivoting to manage its customers’ entire financial lives, much as alternative lender SoFi has.
New York, NY

A data analytics and infrastructure platform for loan originators and investors.

Launched in 2014, Blackmoon offers "marketplace lending as a service."

The company provides a secure platform for both loan originators and investors, offering loan scoring tools and an area for flexible investment portfolio building.

Why are we watching them? The company offers a composite approach to lending, which means implementing marketplace approach on top of traditional lending infrastructure.

Loan origination is a complex thing, and it's worth keeping an eye on a company that uses automation and data analytics to make it just that much simpler.
Baltimore, MD

Offers POS financing for consumer purchases.

Applying for financing or credit cards at the POS at retail giants such as Best Buy is a no-brainer. Small and medium-sized merchants, however, don’t usually have that option.

Blispay – launched in March 2016 – is set to tackle that issue, with a solution aimed at SMEs.

The company's Blispay Visa card has the benefits of a Visa card, allowing consumers to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, with a few additions.

Blispay consumers can earn 2% cashback on their purchases, and the company's re-financing platform means there is no interest on purchases above $199 if that purchase is paid in full within 6 months.

That's the kind of re-financing we want to see.
London, England

This startup uses artificial intelligence via mobile channels to provide insurance advice.

The company, which launched in 2016, uses AI technology to help users find out if they’re over-covered, under-covered, missing covers, or even if they can get a more convenient price for the coverage they want.
Clarity Money
New York, NY

PFM app that helps bring transparency to consumer finances.

A free personal finance app, Clarity Money, wants to give control of consumer finances back to the consumer.

By using transparent mobile financial tools, Clarity Money, launched in 2016, provides all of the data and insights consumers need to have a holistic view of their finances.

The app provides allows users to create savings accounts, and enables a clearer view into their spending habits.

Could this be the money managing tool of the future? We're going to find out.
Michigan, USA

This startup provides a "banking assistant" using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology.

Clinc wants to combine deep learning, data analytics, and natural language processing to answer all of your financial questions. The startup has created an AI "banking assistant," which is trained in finance to answer questions posed to it by users.

Monitors for illicit activity on the bitcoin blockchain.

Launched in 2015, the firm monitors for illegal activity on the chain before providing that data to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Monitoring the bitcoin blockchain for illicit activities might eventually translate into the monitoring of other cryptocurrencies--we will have to wait and see.
New York, USA

Startup which provides a fully digital platform for life insurance.

This startup wants to dilute the process of life insurance down to a few taps on a screen.

Fabric aims to ease some of the cost concerns, by offering its Fabric Instant service, which allows users to pay $6 per month for accidental death coverage of $100,000.
New York, USA

Insurtech platform offering on-the-go insurance policies to renters and homeowners.

Launched in 2017, Jetty is a rising Insurtech platform which offers home and rental insurance to its users.

Aside from offering the speed of an online platform, the company also aims to help its users reduce or possibly eliminate things like security deposits.

Using the company's Jetty Passport service, a user can skip the need for a traditional security deposit and even the need for a co-signer--a nice step forward for innovation in insurance.
Atlanta, Georgia

Kabbage provides funding for small businesses -- particularly online sellers -- in less than 7 minutes, the company says.

Small businesses are hot in finanical services right now, as are innovative products to serve them. Kabbage has a strong start and should continue to excel.

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