Does Bitcoin Have a Place in Banking?

  • Ian Kar
  • July 31, 2014
How do bankers really feel about bitcoin? It seems financial institutions are viewing the world’s most famous cryptocurrency as a potential threat, an...

Race to the Bottom

  • Matt Harris
  • May 5, 2014
I’d like to think that the vast majority of the investments we make are in companies whose products and services are not commodities, and not su...

Redefining FinTech

  • Matt Harris
  • December 17, 2013
I’ve spent the better part of my career investing in technology companies involved in financial services.  Given that, it’s a bit sur...

Square Puck

  • Matt Harris
  • November 24, 2012
Square Puck:  sounds dangerous, right?  I think it is. There’s a famous/trite expression, commonly cited in the venture business, abou...

Banks Go Old School After Sandy

  • Philip Ryan
  • November 5, 2012
Forget mobile banking — just give us the cash! That’s been the sentiment of residents in storm-battered northeastern states in the wake of tropical st...

In Defense of Banks and Bankers

  • Matt Harris
  • June 3, 2012
              It’s a hard time to be a banker. I’ve had this post in my draft folder for a long time, h...