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Maximum control over all of you various services and payment options!

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“The ability to combine and analyse granular details on consumer transactions and ATM device statistics means we have maximum control over all the various services and payment options being provided through our ATM network and other banking channels. We can react in seconds – not hours – to what our end customers are experiencing.” – Jamal Abboud, Group CIO of National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)

Top 5 2013 Predictions For Monitoring Banking Applications

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The New Year is always a time of setting goals, resolutions…and predictions. Here are my favorite 5 responses to the question: “What is most likely to change when it comes to monitoring banking applications and financial transaction management in 2013?”

Context Matters – Talking Application Performance with a CIO

Context Matters – Talking Application Performance with a CIO

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Can you tell if a business process is failing or slow because of process design issues or technical issues? INETCO Insight can tell you that along with which step failed, who was affected, how many dollars were at risk and whose problem this is – All On One Screen!
Now, That is Application Performance Monitoring!

A New Kind of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for IT Operations

A New Kind of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for IT Operations

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If, from a business value perspective, you are interested in seeing, in real time, how services and business processes are being delivered – this webinar is for you!

Are IT operations teams adopting transaction-based APM?

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Recent reports from research firms Quocirca and Trac Research indicate that transaction-based application performance monitoring (APM) is becoming more essential – but they also indicate wide-spread adoption is still in the works and companies are taking their time.

The CIO and End-to-End Transaction Visibility

The CIO and End-to-End Transaction Visibility

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Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are ultimately responsible for ensuring that IT investments are closely aligned with strategic business objectives. In this, the final installment in the six part series, we’ll focus on how, through transaction-based application performance monitoring, the CIO has well-defined relationships between IT performance and metrics specific to business outcomes. And that is what is ultimately needed for smooth sailing, even in the roughest seas.