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Celebrating a great Fintech entrepreneur – John Reed of Citibank

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By Bernard Lunn Daily Fintech is written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We believe that the entrepreneurs who are transforming finance through technology include not only the VC funded firms that get the media attention but also: bootstrappers patiently working away in obscurity (but loved by their customers). tech firms movingRead More

Interview with Haydn Shaughnessy about how banks are innovating – or not

by June 10, 2015 at 4:38 am 1 comment

One of the themes we write about in Daily Fintech is that innovation can come from anywhere – from a startup or a bank or a firm coming into Fintech from another market. We cover the innovation coming from Fintech startups. We also write about the theory of how banksRead More

The Great Fintech Rebundling

The Great Fintech Rebundling

by May 26, 2015 at 1:35 am 1 comment

You know all those cool infographics of the Unbundling of a Bank with lots of startup logos? The Great Fintech Unbundling also looks like this: Rebundling usually follows Unbundling in the tech business and looks like this: Some people care about music technology. I had pals at University who would obsessRead More

The Digital Wallet User Experience Will Have to Pass the Toothbrush Test

by March 24, 2015 at 4:45 am 1 comment

A digital wallet could be a commodity with maybe some branding and fashion – similar to physical wallets today. In this scenario, we will have thousands of digital wallets. Or a digital wallet could become your mobile bank – the one thing you never leave home without – that completely changes our concepts of money…Read more The Digital Wallet User Experience will have to pass the toothbrush test.

Startups Win by Doing One Thing Well, Banks Win by Integrating the UX Using APIs

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Banks need to stop thinking of Emergent Fintech as a threat and look at Emergent Fintech as the biggest productivity tool ever given to their IT team. Emergent Fintech Startups win big by doing one thing well and generating network effects. The mantra is focus, focus, focus. What used to beRead More

Fintech 1,000 Landscape Report: Programmable Bank

by February 26, 2015 at 3:17 am 1 comment

This Landscape Report could also be called Bank APIs. I like the name Programmable Bank because it resonates with Programmable Web.  It implies a Mashup approach to system development. This is fundamentally different to the huge, multi year core banking enterprise system development of the past. This is a bigRead More

How Global Banks can make ‘Acquire Hire’ work in Fintech using the Pirate model

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Acquire Hire tends to mean: The venture raised small amounts of capital (Friends & Family, Angels) but could not do a Series A and so was running out of cash. The announcement does not show the amount the acquirer paid. This protects the reputation of the Founders and Investors who claim “Exit” on their track…Read more How Global Banks can make Acquire Hire work in Fintech using the Pirate model

Innotribe plans for center stage at SIBOS is a sign of Fintech going mainstream

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Two themes jump out from the last 6 months of writing every day for Daily Fintech. “Bits don’t stop at borders but money has to show it’s passport”. The biggest story of the 21st century is the emergence of billions of people from subsistence farming into a global middle class. That implies a massive increase…Read more Innotribe plans for center stage at SIBOS is a sign of Fintech going mainstream

Banks Need to Create a Fintech Unicorn EVERY YEAR

Banks Need to Create a Fintech Unicorn EVERY YEAR

by February 17, 2015 at 3:02 am 0 comments

In startup land, we rightly laud the achievement of creating a Unicorn. Creating a business worth $1 billion in a few years is an amazing achievement that makes the participants rich. Put that in perspective to what Fortune 500 companies need to do: GE needs to create about $15 billionRead More

The business model to replace fractional reserve banking will use Freemium

by February 4, 2015 at 7:17 am 1 comment

When you read the words “fractional reserve banking” you are often in for “the system is evil and Bitcoin is the revolution”. I promise you that this is not one of those posts. I do believe that the business model of fractional reserve banking will be replaced by something else, but it willRead More