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Salivating for Unadvised Assets: a Videographic

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Ed Note: We produce content that engages our community. Words are beautiful pigments to paint a picture. To paint pictures that are worth a thousand words, we take into consideration the busy lives of the professionals who come to Daily Fintech, and we look into non-text alternatives. We also think you mightRead More

FinTech-Ing in ETF space: Growing AUM, shrinking fees, and crypto-currencies

FinTech-Ing in ETF space: Growing AUM, shrinking fees, and crypto-currencies

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The first major ETF was launched in the early 90s with a tracker of S&P500 on the NYSE. This wrapper has since grown immensely and the global ETF market is close to $3trillion. It was a disruption to the mutual fund world and continues to grow. There are over 5000Read More

Kensho: Warren is like Watson and Siri, for analysts, investors and traders

by April 6, 2015 at 1:56 am 2 comments

By Efi Pylarinou MEMO: To all researchers and traders on the Sell and Buy side, The conventional ways of analyzing markets and generating trade ideas in all bulge bracket financial institutions on Wall Street, is in jeopardy. The typical mode of addressing any complex financial inquiry, usually entails a coupleRead More

Quantopian – DIY open-sourced trading algorithms and a crowd-sourced hedge fund

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Quantopian, founded in 2012 in Boston, started in the Algorithmic trading space. It offered a web-based platform to write algorithms for US equities trading. In addition, Quantopian offered the capability to paper trade against live stock market data and – most importantly – to back-test the algorithm against historical data. So far, that describes most competent algo trading systems. Quantopian differentiates by adding a crowd-sourcing dimension. The coder of the strategy can invite other collaborators that can use or enhance the code. This is the open source aspect that Quantopian brought to an otherwise highly secretive market (proprietary algorithmic trading).

RobinHood Freemium could enable many new ‘Low Cost Active Alpha’ services

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The equities broker model has been slammed by two waves of change: End of fixed commissions. This happened decades ago and simply opened the market up to competition. Internet. This is what enabled the human broker to be replaced by servers and led to e-brokerage firms such as eTrade, Charles Schwab and many others. Which brings…Read more RobinHood Freemium could enable a lot of new Low Cost Active Alpha services

Venture Profile: Darwinex is parsing the algo of great traders

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An eon or two ago, trading rooms were noisy boisterous places. Watch the Wolf of Wall Street for flavor. Today, trading floors have a quieter more cerebral vibe. You might be hard pressed to tell the difference between a floor full of traders and a floor full of programmers. TheRead More

Xignite – the picks and shovels for democratizing financial trading

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Three eons ago (an eon in tech translates as a decade in human time) there was a disruption in the market for market data caused by the transition from analog to digital data feeds. I had the pleasure of helping to build a venture that rode that wave of disruptionRead More

Fintech 1,000 Landscape Report: XBRL Analytics

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This is the first Landscape Report from the Fintech 1,000 database. This Landscape Report demonstrates the difficulty of using a rigid taxonomy. The names given to a “space” (VC speak) or a “segment” (analyst speak) evolve over time and the most successful ventures emerge before anybody has given a name to what they do. Entrepreneurs…Read more Fintech 1,000 Landscape Report: XBRL Analytics

Social trading, low-cost active alpha and the democratization of Wall Street

Social trading, low-cost active alpha and the democratization of Wall Street

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Social Trading means something like Follow or Like or Connect borrowed from social media, but instead of indicating “I like you”, it indicates “I like the way that you think about that investment enough to invest with you”. I call this “low cost active alpha”. My theory is that we are all experts in something…Read more Social trading, low cost active alpha and the democratization of Wall Street