BI Ignite 2019: What Makes a Bank a Good Fintech Partner? [Video]

Rapid prototyping and an innovation-oriented mindset are two characteristics that make a bank a good fintech partner, according to panelists at the Bank Innovation Ignite 2019 conference in Seattle last week. The shorter the time a bank takes to work with a fintech from proof of concept to time-to-market, the better, Rob Guilfoyle, CEO of […]

BI Ignite 2019: What Does the Bank of the Future Look Like to Startup Founders? [Video]

To conceptualize tomorrow's bank, a fundamental question needs to be asked: What is the value the bank brings to the table? Answer that question and the bank of the future will materialize -- a specialized, consumer-centric, data-driven, networked financial entity. That sums up the video below from the Bank Innovation Ignite 2019 conference last week, […]

Is Subscription Management the Bridge between Insight and Action?

It’s time to move beyond merely presenting data and toward helping customers take informed action on their finances with that data, according to Jonas Karles, co-founder and COO of Minna Technologies, a PFM provider for subscription and recurring payment management. “We've done the pie chart thing,” he told Bank Innovation. “We have seen how we […]

The Non-QM Challenge & How Technology Can Help

By all accounts, the non-qualified mortgage (non-QM) market is booming. In 2018 alone, $11.38 billion of expanding-credit MBS, including non-QMs, was issued, and analysts expect a 60% increase in these products in 2019. Despite this sudden rise in popularity, many mortgage professionals still have concerns about non-QMs, fearing increased risk after the mortgage market finally […]

The Best Online Banks Right Now

Keeping your money in a bank is common sense at this point, but online banking is – unfortunately – not something many people have grown accustomed to, yet. There are many benefits to explore in this area, and it’s not a bad idea to check out what some online banking services can do for you […]

Study Shows Strong Relationship Between Credit Score Review and Credit Score Increase

Can regularly checking your credit score actually help improve your results? We wanted to know the answer to that critical question, so Credit Sesame partnered with Megan Hunter Antill and Jessica Yu, Ph.D., candidates in Quantitative Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, to find out. We conducted an analysis of consumer behavior patterns and […]
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