Traditional FIs See Fintechs as ‘Significant Threat’ by 2022, Study Says

Nearly 80% of traditional financial institutions feel little or no threat from fintechs today, but 65% believe fintechs will be a “significant threat” by 2022, according to a new study by Harvard Business Review. The survey of 300 executives from traditional FIs also found that 20% said their organizations don’t compete with fintechs “at all” […]

Fintech AsiaCollect Seeks to Digitalize Debt Collection in Southeast Asia

With the majority of the region's debt collection being handled by small, provincial agencies, the process in Southeast Asian markets is still mostly manual. Digital debt collector AsiaCollect is hoping to change that. Based in Singapore, AsiaCollect unveiled a standalone, AI-based platform called SmartAgent, which it plans to roll out in India in the coming […]

Adoption of Chatbots on the Rise, But Where to Next?

Adoption of chatbots is on the rise. So are questions about how they can do more. Bank of America reported 6.3 million users of its virtual assistant, Erica, in the first quarter of 2019, up from 4.8 million the previous quarter. The AI-powered chatbot has completed 39 million interactions since its launch, the bank said. […]

The Non-QM Challenge & How Technology Can Help

By all accounts, the non-qualified mortgage (non-QM) market is booming. In 2018 alone, $11.38 billion of expanding-credit MBS, including non-QMs, was issued, and analysts expect a 60% increase in these products in 2019. Despite this sudden rise in popularity, many mortgage professionals still have concerns about non-QMs, fearing increased risk after the mortgage market finally […]

The Best Online Banks Right Now

Keeping your money in a bank is common sense at this point, but online banking is – unfortunately – not something many people have grown accustomed to, yet. There are many benefits to explore in this area, and it’s not a bad idea to check out what some online banking services can do for you […]

Study Shows Strong Relationship Between Credit Score Review and Credit Score Increase

Can regularly checking your credit score actually help improve your results? We wanted to know the answer to that critical question, so Credit Sesame partnered with Megan Hunter Antill and Jessica Yu, Ph.D., candidates in Quantitative Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, to find out. We conducted an analysis of consumer behavior patterns and […]
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