NCR Launches Silver for Small Business

Tablet points of sale for small businessNCR introduced Silver, a POS solution for small businesses at BAI Retail Delivery last week. This app-based product with a cloud backend is offered for sale through financial institutions. The merchant installs an app, attaches a small device to an iPhone or iPad, pays a $79 monthly fee to use the service, and is up and running. No contract is required.

The small-business market is 4 million strong, according to NCR. Silver allows merchants to track sales and inventory through the app and to sell products anywhere. NCR aims to enable banks to both attract new customers with Silver, and cross-sell to existing customers. Silver offers a simple but attractive interface for tracking sales and inventory, particularly in iPad form.

Silver represents a new focus for the Atlanta-based NCR. The price point is low, and the net is being cast in a wider area. The POS space has some important players already, from Square and Fiserv’s SpotPay to ShopKeep POS, but NCR has plenty of experience and an established platform from which to build.

NCR helps process 30 million transactions per day and employs 23,000. The company generated $5.3 billion of revenue last year.


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