9 Eurostyle Innovations

shutterstock_67615438Europe has long been more aggressive about banking innovation than other regions around the world, especially the US.

Despite the Squares and Stripes and whatnot here in America, that still appears to be the case.

These are the nine notable Euro innovations that surfaced this week at Finovate Europe, the demo conference:

  1. mBank and Efigence’s Bank 3.0 makeover that includes “modern UI/UX of transactional banking, PFM, video banking, transactional/real time marketing, social channels, gamification and mobile banking.” Video banking in the wild, c’est bon!
  2. IT Sector’s SmartBank TV introduced banking on the Google TV platform. Banking on TV? This puts a new spin on “multichannel banking.”
  3. Holvi from Helsinki, Finland, presented its banking service that allows extensive customization of banking services provided. Holvi also supports a strong partner ecosystem, including crowdfunding for cultural projects.
  4. Photopay is based in Zagreb, Coratia, and offers a photo billpay solution that it is rolling out country by country in Europe this year. Photo billpay is, of course, the mobile feature du jour. US Bank will be the first major bank to roll out this feature next month.
  5. IND Group‘s “future banking” built a story-based banking program that puts your finances into a narrative in order to help financial novices make better sense of their money. Hopefully, it’s not a horror story!
  6. TESOBE’s Open Bank Project presented its open source banking platform and API. The project is designed to encourage transparency and innovation – such as allowing users to set musical themes to their banking experiences.
  7. Cardlytics offered up its Facebook-integrated rewards platform, launching in Q2 2013. Cardlytics boasts strong opt-in rates and small opt-out numbers for its programs, which have a mobile focus.
  8. Credit Agricole’s App Store, which we discussed yesterday
  9. Brett King gave us a first look at his launching-any-day-now Moven banking experience, formerly known as Movenbank. The experience involves putting a sticker on your smartphone.

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