Walmart Starts Offering GoBank’s Checking Product

GoBank, the mobile-first bank from Green Dot Corp., is now being rolled out across Walmart’s network of more than 4,000 stores.

Pictured below are GoBank checking cards on the rack of prepaid cards located next to Walmart’s financial center, where customers can cash checks and pay bills, at a Walmart location in Connecticut. GoBank takes it place alongside the Bluebird card, the prepaid offering from Walmart and American Express, Amex Serve prepaid cards, and Walmart’s own prepaid blue card, which has deposits held in Green Dot Bank. Walmart’s branded card has the lowest activation fee of the cards pictured below.

Bluebird and GoBank are labeled as “Checking Alternatives,” rather than as prepaid cards. GoBank requires a Social Security number for activation, which is entered online. The GoBank “starter debit card” package costs $2.95, while Bluebird costs $4.95, and the Walmart Money card $1.88.



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