Coolest Brands 2015: Xignite

Aggregation for Aggregators

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / TimmaryBuilding a data-driven financial services company? You will probably end up calling Xignite at some point.

The San Mateo-based startup offers on-demand financial data from the cloud to companies such as Yodlee, eToro, Personal Capital, Betterment, and Wealthfront. These are companies selling aggregation services — and doing so by way of buying data from Xignite.

And that’s not to mention established players such as SAS, Oracle, SunGard, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Navy Federal Credit Union, and BNY Mellon … the list goes on, and even extends beyond financial services as well to GE, Con Edison, ZipCar, Coldwell Banker, Starbucks …

Xignite sees some 25 billion data requests a month, according to the company. (We note in passing here that the term “Big Data” has a made a welcome exit from everyday discourse in the industry.) Xignite plays in the innovation space, too. It is providing six months of market data to startups in Boston’s FinTech Sandbox at no charge.

Good to meet your future customers when they’re young.

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Aggregation for Aggregators