Rare Commercial RE Finance Startup Gets Funding

canstockphoto24793610A rare commercial real estate finance startup scored an $8 million funding round yesterday.

Credifi, an Israeli company, secured the Series A funds from Battery Ventures, Carmel Ventures, and OurCrowd. This is the only funding Credifi has completed since its launch in 2014.

A few CRE startups have surfaced recently. There is Realty Mogul, which secured additional funding in last March, but beyond that, CRE finance startups are hard to find.

Credifi is more of a CRE finance information play, rather than a financial services provider per se. Here’s how the company describes itself:

CrediFi is a Big Data platform serving the CRE Finance market. We provide Loan, Property and Financial Product data, benchmarks and analytics to facilitate Deal Flow and Loan Origination, along with post-deal Asset Monitoring and Trading.

At its heart is a large commercial RE loan database, including structured assets. The database covers loan originations, assignments/trades, and refis.

Below is a video detailing Credifi’s platform, but don’t get your hopes up. As far as videos go, it is, well, less-than-satisfactory.

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