Moven Launches Offers

Moven offersMoven, the digital financial services startup, continues to add new features with the launch of offers yesterday.

An email sent to customers lists four merchants with offers for Moven customers: Blue Apron, Handy, Cups, and Arcade. Blue Apron and Handy deliver services to users’ homes — food and cleaning and handyman services, respectively — while Cups and Arcade offer discounts for coffee and restaurant meals.

Users are asked to opt in individually for the offers. Moven gives users an additional reward of $10 back when $150 has been spent across all the participating offers. Moven’s offers page is here.

“These are not coupons you redeem at a store,” Moven President Alex Sion told Bank Innovation. “These are lifestyle services that will help our customers spend, save and live smarter, which is our mission. These are offers uniquely selected for the mobile-centric, digital lifestyle with an underlying objective of behavioral change.”

Moven is movin’. Last quarter, the Brett King-led startup launched gift accounts and a referral service.

Moven has raised $24.4 million of venture funding since its launch in 2011, according to Crunchbase. Its last venture capital effort was in October, a series B round of $12 million.

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