Meet the 15 Fintech Startups from Y-Combinator’s Latest Class

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / ArcadyY Combinator’s Winter 2016 Demo Days just wrapped up, with 159 startups taking the stage and making their play for funding.

Just under 10% of the companies — 15 to be exact — were fintech-related. This is about average for a YC incubator class, with the 26% from Summer 2015 being an aberration. (UPDATE: Jim Bruene, who has tracked this percentage for years on the Finovate blog, points out that the previous post was in error. The Summer 2015 percentage was 13% — above average, but only slightly.)

TechCrunch covered all 159, but if it’s fintech you want, and we know it is, we’ve gathered them for you here:

  1. PayStack helps Nigerian merchants accept card payments
  2. Cover – Take a picture of your car or home, get insured
  3. Focal Systems takes on beacons by equipping shopping cards with smart technology
  4. STILT offers loans to international borrowers
  5. MeterFeeder allows older parking meters to accept credit cards
  6. QueueHop – Skip the queue by scanning QR codes and paying via smartphone
  7. LendEDU is a student loan marketplace
  8. Landed is a crowdfunding platform for first-time homebuyers
  9. AlphaFlow helps investors manage their peer-to-peer lending portfolios
  10. Lynks enables e-commerce in countries that lack it, and handles shipping and customs fees
  11. TrueBill helps manage subscription payments
  12. flexReceipts offers digital receipts to merchants
  13. PocketSuite helps small businesses manage payments and messaging
  14. Emburse provides corporate cards that enable pre-approved spending
  15. Bonsai is a contract and billing tool for freelancers
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