Add Western Union to List of PayPal Foes with Paybybank [VIDEO]

Add another name to the host of competitors facing PayPal: a European service called Paybybank.

Paybybank offers a digital checkout service that links directly to a shopper’s bank account, prioritizing security over speed and convenience. The service is described as new in a video released yesterday, but seems to have been available in the U.K., Germany and Greece since at least 2015.

The service works like this: The merchant generates a code, which the customer copies, logs into his bank account, and enters. The service touts its “No chargebacks” policy, and seems positioned to help merchants avoid the card networks. It is also squarely in the path of PayPal, which has also drawn ire from the networks for its use of ACH, most recently putting Visa CEO Charles Scharf on the warpath.

The name Paybybank is a trademark of the payments company WorldBridge, a division of Western Union.

Western Union became a PayPal competitor in international remittances last year when PayPal acquired Xoom, for which PayPal CEO Dan Schulman has grand plans. Paybybank is another way the companies are opposed, and could complicate PayPal’s expansion into Europe. PayPal so far has only a limited pilot in Europe.

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