Pasted image at 2016_06_14 02_52 PMBank Innovation today officially launches BankBoost, a new app that fosters information discovery in the fintech industry.

BankBoost is an “answerbase,” which means it is an app for getting questions to your fintech questions. Users can post on any fintech topic and seek answers from the Bank Innovation community. Think of it as a more focused Quora, or StackExchange for fintech.

BankBoost is unique in that it is focused solely on fintech. The app, which has been in beta for a few months, is already replete with valuable industry questions — and answers — on topics such as the interplay between blockchain and asset management; ideas for using AI in fintecha methodology for creating a new payments network; and signs of change since PSD2 was passed.

Questions are sorted into five key categories:

Bank Innovation readers are encouraged to avidly and freely use BankBoost. That does not just mean posting and answering questions. Users are able to vote up or down questions, thereby defining what is — and is not — meaningful for the industry. Voting and posting questions can be done anonymously.

As part of the BankBoost service, beginning today Bank Innovation users will receive an email alert of newly posted questions each Wednesday. (Click here to sign up for the BankBoost alerts.)

Our intent with BankBoost is to build the definitively repository of fintech knowledge, complimenting the deep blog coverage Bank Innovation already provides the industry. It is part of Bank Innovation‘s overall goal to lead the advance of banking innovation around the world.

Click here for the BankBoost homepage.

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