Citi Shows Off the Eye-Popping Power of Virtual Reality for Trading [VIDEO]

We’ll say this: virtual reality trading looks cool.

Citigroup released a video earlier this week that shows the potential (tremendous) power of virtual reality to present data for trading. The example used is a trader at a workstation with a massive monitor — the technology could equally be used with mobile devices — who shares his VR visualization on a potential crude oil futures trade with an investor.

Use of VR is already common in gaming, where headsets cost anywhere from $600 to $1,300 — an expensive hobby, especially when you consider a high-powered system is needed to back that up. But prices are falling, as the industry rapidly evolves, says Charles Hamparian, CEO of the IT firm Sentience.

The Polish company Comarch showed off VR technology for wealth management clients at Finovate Spring this year. It seems safe to say we will be hearing more about this soon — a lot more. In the meantime, strap in and check out this eye-opening video, and consider the possibilities VR technology has to transform financial services in the near future.

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