Realtime Network Grows with Addition of Capital One

canstockphoto4611684Capital One will be the fifth bank to go live with realtime peer-to-peer payments on the clearXchange network, it was announced this morning.

Capital One 360 customers can currently receive realtime payments from other banks in the network, which now includes Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Bank, and, most recently, Wells Fargo.

The first three banks are live with the capability to send funds in realtime, while Wells Fargo will join them Aug. 1. U.S. Bank lifted the $6.95 fee charged per realtime transaction last week.

CapOne will update its mobile app “in the coming months” so users of the entire bank — not just the digital bank Capital One 360 — can initiate P2P transfers as well, the bank said this morning. The bank first joined clearXchange back in 2014. Lakewood, Colo.-based FirstBank is also a member of the network, but has not yet announced plans to join the reatime interbank network. 

ClearXchange was bought by the bank-owned fraud prevention network Early Warning in Jan. 2016.

Wells Fargo, which, as mentioned will upgrade to a full rollout of clearXchange capabilities on Aug. 1, is now hard at work “boosting” its core app features to support instant payments, Ben Soccorsy, head of digital payments for Wells Fargo Virtual Channels, told Bank Innovation previously. “We believe that the clearXchange partnership and member banks have clear and distinct value propositions,” Soccorsy said. “Overall, the goal is to bring other banks into the network, and drive to more ubiquitous participation.”

The expanded clearXchange network now reaches more than 100 million online and 70 million mobile banking users in the U.S., according to Early Warning, which drove 46 million P2P transactions within the network at more than $16 billion in volume in 1Q16, compared to $3.2 billion for Venmo

The network expects more banks to bring their customers into the “future of payments,” Paul Finch, chief executive officer of Early Warning, said this morning.

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