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4. Finance in Virtual Reality

Remember the crazy, proof-of-concept video on holographic workstations that Citi released last year? This one here:

Citi illustrates how the technology for virtual reality can be applied in banking, and specifically, in presenting trading data to users in a dynamic 3D view.

Similarly, a Polish startup Comarch demoed its own VR investing app at Finovate Spring last year. The VR experience offers a personalized newsroom, meetings with advisors, and portfolio overviews. While these may seem like far-off concepts, even old-time players like Charles Schwab recognize VR’s potential. Neesha Hathi, EVP of investor services platform, said the technology can provide new ground of communication between clients and advisers. “Newer generations want to interact on a different platform, so the way you find advisors, collaborate with clients, and educate are all undergoing a transformation,” Hathi said during the InVest 2016 conference. “Digital advising is not new, it is simply accelerating.” And going virtual.

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