Swipe Your Mug, Refill, Repeat

From watches to rings to wristbands to — coffee mugs? Wearable and Internet of Things (Io) payments technology is quietly making its way into our daily routine, increasingly adding new gadgets that pay for themselves.

The most recent addition is the SmartCup, created by Frank Green, a company that designs eco-friendly products (you certainly won’t throw this cup away), and an Australian telco, Optus. After a few prototypes tested the market in July, the mug is now available for $39.95, in any color combo that your coffee-loving self may desire.


The mug can be used for contactless payments anywhere that Visa payWave is accepted for purchases below $100 (that’s a lot of fancy lattes).

Optus is no stranger to NFC payment tech: the company has already released Optus Pay Band, Optus Pay Sticker, as well as Optus Pay Paytag, all designed to attach to watches and fitness trackers to use as payment devices.

While you’ve been picking colors for your smart cup, Starbucks began selling mugs of its own: Ember Temperature Control Mugs, which keep the temperature of your beverages “under control.” Ember cups sell for a mere $149.95 in Starbucks stores and online.

The mugs at Starbucks, however, are not NFC enabled… yet!

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