Top 20 Bank Video Ads of 2016

Every year, Bank Innovation chooses the bank and fintech videos  that made us laugh, the ones that made us cry, the ones that made us want to go out and buy baby animals, and of course, the ones that made us go out and better manage our finances (well, we tried.)

Here’s what we thought last year.

We did not use big data analytics to come up with the perfect rating system, and no it’s not recorded on a blockchain (that we know of), but below, please find the top twenty banking videos of the year, based completely on personal preference:

20. Lloyd’s Bank stuck with its roots in this ad featuring its traditional black horse, running through a frozen world as an instrumental version of “Mad World” plays in the background. Points for artistry! And the #mannequinchallenge

19. Tesco Bank reminds its users that its Tesco Mobile service is a faster way to pay for everything when you go on holiday in Europe–like the four burgers your sons just ordered at the hotel pool — €138, please.

18. Capital One is still keeping Samuel L. Jackson busy During special events, he’s joined by other characters, and CapOne employs other celebrity pitchmen and pitchwomen, but Mr. Jackson has received steady work from the bank for more than three years now — what’s in your wallet, Gary?

17. The Royal Bank of Scotland took time this year to remind its customers about… cash! Actual live cash! Also if you happen to not live in the United Kingdom, it helped you learn that the Scottish pound is actually a thing–and yes, it is in fact different from the British pound. #themoreyouknow

16. IBM came out with its own mobile payment service this year, to the bewilderment of many, and this video shows you just how to use it (Watson connectivity still not included).

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