OK, Google, Let’s Shop

GoogleHomeOne of the first integrations announced through Google Home was the ability to order an Uber by just asking the Assistant. And that was, by far, the only payments-related feature available through the device. But this may soon change.

The code behind Google’s latest version of its app, 6.11.13 beta, suggests that the Home assistant will soon integrate direct payments functionalities. The APK teardown by XDA developers highlighted a string of code, which illustrates that the assistant will be able to accept credit cards, and link those to Google support as well. The string code (found here, if you are into codes) suggests that Google Home will “read out your private info like your calendar and flights, display your photos on TV, and help you with orders, reservations, and payments. Set up payment info and addresses for your packages, groceries, and other purchases.”

The app update is in beta, and the potential use cases are still to be announced.

The payments feature (if launched) is poised for a takeoff this year, considering that the company opened up its Google Assistant to the developer community last month.

In-car payments could be just one of the integrations. Earlier in January, Hyundai announced the integration of Google Home through its Blue Link app. With payments available through Home, features like advance parking or car service payments won’t be far behind the horizon.

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