Visa’s SVP for the Internet of Things Joins Bank Innovation 2017

avin_in_color2Avin Arumugam, senior vice president of the Internet of Things at Visa, has joined the speaker faculty for Bank Innovation 2017, which takes place March 6-7 in San Jose.

Arumugam was at JPMorgan Chase for four years prior to his starting at Visa in May 2016. (Recent video footage also leads us to believe he grew a beard since leaving the megabank.) While at JPMorgan, he worked on the implementation of several mobile payment platforms, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Chase Pay.

Before joining JPMorgan in 2012, Arumugam spent several years as a product manager at PayPal. While at PayPal, he aided in the development of PayPal Here, the company’s mobile card reader, as well as PayPal’s check capture solution.

In his spare time, he secured four patents in the digital payments space. He will be joined on the mobile payments and Internet of Things panel by Doug Nielson, SVP of innovation product development at U.S. Bank; Mike Panzarella, SVP of product at Green Dot; and Marie Floyd, SVP of digital customer experience at Wells Fargo.

The invitation-only event will also feature speakers from BBVA, Silicon Valley Bank, Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Fiserv, Green Dot, Bank of America, and U.S. Bank. Attendees to the event will enjoy startup demos, in addition to panels and presentations, and have the chance to seek advice and insights from fintech experts at the new Innovation Bar.

To join us in San Jose, please request your invitation here.

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