Mastercard’s Digital Expert Talks IoT, Chatbots, And Wallets [Video]

Any device can be a commerce device, according to Mastercard’s Kiki Del Valle, senior vice president of digital payments and labs.

“At the end, the IoT can become the internet of payments,” she said. “We want to provide that secure commerce experience that consumers can benefit from: shop wherever they want to shop, pay in whichever form they want to pay.”

In October of last year, the company teamed up with General Motors and IBM to embed its mobile wallet, Masterpass, within GM’s cognitive mobility platform OnStar Go. This will enable drivers and passengers to make payments for goods and services via the car’s dashboard, as well as predict purchases and provide services, like Order Ahead.

“As a consumer, the car should be able to tell you that ‘You are on your way to the favorite coffee shop, would you like to place an order?'” Del Valle said. Security is key in this process. “Using Mastercard’s token platform, we have created digital representation of the physical card that they [consumers] have today,” she said.

Watch our full interview with Del Valle, where she discusses chatbots, machine learning, Masterpass, and more.

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