7 Fintech Startups at TechDay NYC

Among the endless rows of tech startups from all imaginable industries– from rideshare, to edtech, and beauty– seven fintechs rose to show off their latest during the TechDay event in New York yesterday.

Blockchain, robos, lending, investment and more — checkout the roundup of the fintech startups from TechDay NYC below.


The startup, launched in 2015, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help customers manage their wealth. The company believes “in the mathematics of data-driven decision-making, the science of behavioral economics, and the art of effective communication,” which, as Qplum states on its website, help clients meet their investment goals.


The app lets users set up a savings accounts for their kids, featuring an auto-transfer options to make the process of investing in the fund – even $1 at a time – “as easy as tipping a barista,” according to the company website. Users can also engage their network of family and friends, by building out their child’s social profile – just like an Instagram page – so that others can contribute as well.

Charity is at the core of Kidfund: the startup partners with CFED’s 1:1 Fund to distribute the charitable donations made through the app.


This brand-new startup– launched this year –provides users with immediate financing for cash-based expenses. The company targets businesses, which then distribute the solution to their employees. Here is how it works: employees sign up for MedPut with their employer, then upload their medical bills via the startup’s dashboard. Next, MedPut audits and negotiates bill payment by the employer, and further facilitates employee loan repayment through small payroll deductions over time.

Equity Arcade

This New York-based startup claims to be “the first proper funding mechanism in the video game industry.” EquityArcade is a Title III investment platform, which aims to help small development studios raise funds for their games through revenue-equity-based crowdinvesting. This equity-based model, the company says, benefits developers, as more of the funds raised go directly to them.


Wings wants to “bring the DAO to the mainstream.” The startup created a decentralized, ethereum-based platform for co-creating projects. The platform doesn’t require any prior knowledge of smart contracts or blockchain for setting up a project. It also features chatbots, and gives out its own blokchain-secured WINGS tokens to users.


This decentralized cryptocurrency startup, still in beta,  aims to be the first company to bring to market “strategies to spread the mass use of our digital currency across all seven continents,” according to the founder Kenneth Tan. Coinsnobs claims to have “a deep 5 Billion addressable global market.”


The startup offers a document management platform, aimed specifically at full-stack investors. The invitation-only platform stores, syncs, and shares sensitive files to help users “rethink how the investment community organizes its knowledge.”

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