Wells Fargo To Issue ‘Multi-Product’ Loans This Year

Wells Fargo will begin underwriting customers for their “entire credit limit” later this year, Avid Modjtabai, head of payments, virtual solutions and innovation (PVSI) group said during the bank’s investor day today.

Currently, customers seeking credit need to apply for individual products– such as loans or credit cards– separately, Modjtabai said. But starting in the second half of this year, the bank will start “showing customers their entire unsecured credit limit with Wells, 100% end-to-end digitally,” allowing customers to choose how to allocate their credit limit among products, she said. “Let’s say, they [customers] are planning a house renovation; they can choose to put 50% of their credit limit on a credit card, and put the other 50% in a loan.”

With this offering, the bank is “shifting offers from product-centric to customer-centric,” Modjtabai explained.

This month, Wells will also update its mobile customer onboarding process, allowing customers to use a picture of an official ID to fill in application details. “Soon after, we are going to instantaneously issue a debit card for them to use for purchases, fast following this with credit cards,” she said. “The entire process will take place within five minutes.”

Wells is only scratching the surface of digital innovation possibilities, Modjtabai added. “I am super excited about our group, and am really confident we will be the ones to set the bar for the future of financial services.”

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