A SoFi Mortgage Comes with Avocado Toast (Seriously)

Millennials out there are often caught between two big decisions: do they buy a home, or do they keep buying sweet, delicious avocado toast?

Luckily for the potential millennial homebuyer, fintech lender SoFi has found a way to merge these two completely exclusive purchases: a SoFi mortgage now comes with avocado toast.

Seriously—for the entire month of July 2017, anyone who buys a home with a SoFi mortgage will receive a month’s worth of avocado toast, delivered to their home. Homebuyers can even decide between regular or gluten-free bread.

The company posted on its blog yesterday:

Why avocado toast? Because with a SoFi mortgage, you don’t have to skip out on the avocado toast while saving up for a down payment. SoFi mortgages make it possible to buy a home with just 10% down and no borrower-paid private mortgage insurance required, which could get you into your dream home sooner. It could also make it possible to do that while brunching.

Sofi also offers potential home-buyers “debt-to-income” mortgages, which provide more flexibility to applicants that might have a higher student debt.

A home, plus a daily delivery of green goodness on toast for a whole month! Don’t get too excited though — potential home buyers will still have to actually toast the bread themselves for the “full experience,” as SoFi was sure to warn on its blog.

But hey, even millennials can’t have everything.

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