Could You Live Your Life on Bitcoin? [Video]

Investing in bitcoin is easy. Buying a tank of gas with bitcoin…uh.

That’s more of a challenge, according to this Utah County couple who tried paying for life’s necessities only in bitcoin.

The couple — Becky and Austin, whose experiment with the cryptocurrency is documented in the film Life on Bitcoin, released yesterday by entertainment platform VidAngel — paid for everything they bought in bitcoin for a three-month span.

Coincidentally, those 90 days were also the first three months of Becky and Austin’s marriage.

The role of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of actual payment is somewhat murkier than its role as an investable asset.

In other words, it might currently be easier to park investments into digital tokens where one coin is worth approximately $2,500 than it is to use a fraction of that coin to pay for a slice of pizza. Or go on a road trip. Or pay a bill.

Want to see how Becky and Austin managed? Take a look at the trailer below. The full movie is available for purchase here.

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