Not All Banking Execs Are Concerned with Mobile Biometrics

Two-factor authentication is interesting when it comes to mobile biometrics in finance—but that doesn’t make it necessary, at least according to “business-side” executives at financial institutions.

Only 35% of executives, employed in the business-side of financial services (versus the technical side) cited the method as important to mobile finance, according to the Mobile Biometrics in Finance study conducted by Mastercard and Oxford University.

This is a sharp divide from the responses from those of a more technical mind—67% of that subgroup cited the security feature as a necessity.

Those of a technical mind were more concerned with threats to mobile security across the board, when compared to the business-focused participants, the study found. More than half of technical respondents (53%, to be exact) viewed identity theft as a “serious threat,” while only 33% of business professionals agreed with the same statement.

The threat of phone theft was met with a similar response, with only 37% of business respondents citing it as a serious concern compared to 76% of those in the technical subgroup.

The study, released today, surveyed 75 individuals, the majority of whom were mid- to senior-level managers in banks with more than 500 employees. The full study may be found here.

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