Include Fintechs in NAFTA Talks, Mexican Negotiator Says

Talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) must include fintech companies, one Mexican negotiator insisted.

The NAFTA talks began yesterday between the three participants: U.S., Canada and Mexico. This renegotiation comes at the insistence of President Donald J. Trump, who during his campaign promised to get a “better deal” for U.S. workers.

According to an interview with Reuters, Vanessa Rubio, an undersecretary at Mexico’s finance ministry who is taking part in the NAFTA negotiations, singled out fintech companies to be included in the updated agreement.

NAFTA, which was created more than two decades ago, needs to updated to reflect the new digital age of fintech and e-commerce, Rubio said.

Read more at Reuters and New York Times.

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