Canadian Fintech STACK Partners with Mastercard

Canadian neo-bank STACK is partnering with Mastercard to power its “fee-free,” digital approach to traditional banking.

The partnership will allow the startup to offer a chip-enabled prepaid Mastercard to its consumers, STACK announced today.

STACK will have its initial beta launch in two weeks.

The startup, which will also allow users to pay via mobile using mobile “tap to pay” (where the phone is linked to a digital  money account), wants to provide its customers with a “360-degree” financial experience.

This includes savings, rewards, and social features, but also includes integrations to crypto-wallets and multi-currency access, according to the company

Prior to its beta launch, about 20,000 consumers within Canada have signed up to download the app on Google Play (where its beta will take place). STACK is planning its full launch on both Google Play and the App Store later in 2017.

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