Americans Feel Positive About Fintechs, But Still Won’t Leave Their Banks

A majority of American consumers want to do their banking online, and think that physical financial institutions are moving to their end as well as agree that larger banks don’t innovate fast enough for new customer needs.

But, that majority still won’t leave their bank for a younger fintech model, according to the 2017 Annual Fintech Survey released today by Blumberg Capital.

The survey of 2,037 American adults found that while 57% of participants had “a positive view of fintech startups,” but getting those customers to actually break off relationships with their banks is a different story.

For instance, only 22% of participants said that “access to the latest technology solutions such as mobile banking and payments” would entice them to leave their bank, and only 31% said “better customer service” would do the trick.

The most likely draw of a fintech over a bank is lower fees, according to the survey results, with 46% of those surveyed agreeing that would influence them to leave a bank.

Before banks get too comfortable, it should be noted that only 30% of respondents said “nothing, I am completely satisfied” in response to what could get them to leave a bank.

Furthermore, as fintechs move to make financial services more open, more transparent, and less expensive, they are definitely presenting themselves as an option for more and more banking customers.

76% of consumers agree that “financial technology helps people gain more power over their finances and helps democratize financial services,” said the survey.

Take a look at the full survey results here.

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