Ex-Googler Tony Fadell Starts VC Firm, Includes Fintech Investments

The ex-Google, ex-Apple employee Tony Fadell is moving forward with his next idea, an investment firm looking to boost startups in multiple industries around the globe.

The firm, called Future Shape, already includes “100+ investments” in various categories. While the firm is not specifically focused on fintech, it already claims 18 bets under the subheading of “financial,” as well as 25 bets in “consumer products.”

Fintech or even more broad “financial” startups could certainly benefit from Fadell’s energy and attention (and money, naturally), given his previous experiences with both Apple and Google.

The venture firm currently has over 100 investments in startups around the globe, according to the Future Shape website.

Read more at TechCrunch, Axios, and Future Shape.

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