Lemonade Insurance Opens its API Platform to Developers

Insurtech Lemonade has opened its platform “to the world,” as stated by company co-founder Shai Wininger.

The company, which provides quick and easy home insurance via mobile, will now allow developers to access their platform through the Lemonade API. This will allow developers to add Lemonade Insurance alongside their main products, according to the company.

Winniger said in a statement:

Now, Lemonade can be seamlessly integrated with commerce websites, financial advisor apps, property management companies, payment software processors, IoT [internet of things] platforms and more.

Developers can integrate Lemonade into their projects by using the API in one of two ways. The first is the typical API approach, where the developer will simply add “a simple, one-line-of-code that gets you up and running within minutes.” That option attaches the company’s “Maya” mobile  chatbot as well.

The second option allows developers to move past the bot and further personalize the integration of Lemonade insurance, according to the company.

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