Discover Ditches Signatures at the POS

Discover will no longer require signatures as a form of authentication at the point-of-sale, turning instead to identification methods like tokenization and biometrics, the company announced yesterday.

The move is part of efforts by Discover to improve its payment experience, both by “speeding up the time spent at checkout” while simultaneously “maintaining a high level of security,” the company sia din a press release issued yesterday.

The company said:

Discover has already implemented a number of digital authentication technologies such as tokenization, multi-factor authentication, and biometrics that are more secure than requiring a signature and provide a more seamless payment transaction.

Discover will stop requiring signatures in April 2018, the company said. The company is the second of the major card networks to fully eliminate the signature step, following Mastercard’s announcement of the same in October.

Mastercard is also set to eliminate signatures in April 2018.

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