How AI Will Change Banking (and Everything Else) [AUDIO]

AI is taking over the world. From self-driving cars to personal finance and even AI fitting rooms, it is hard to avoid AI’s looming effect on us all.

Artificial Intelligence it is already operating in banking, even if customers don’t recognize it. From chatbots giving budgeting tips to fraud monitoring systems noticing anomalous activity on your debit card, AI is all around us in financial services, and it’s getting better and smarter.

Raghu Rajah, VP of digital banking — engineering & product management at NCR’s Digital Insight unit, has been on the forefront of AI for years. He joined INV Unfiltered to tell us where he sees the industry now, and where it is headed. Rajah notes that while AI may make some jobs redundant, it will create many more new jobs, and enhance existing jobs.

Though AI is probably several years from completely managing our lives, listen to understand how AI is already running our banking and financial experience.

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