Meet Ceba, Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s AI-Powered Chatbot

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia today unveiled its own chatbot, called Ceba, that performs more than 200 banking tasks, including activating cards, paying bills, receiving bank statements, and more.

Check out the video of how Ceba works.

Ceba will first be rolled out to 6.2 million NetBank and CommBank app users in the coming weeks and will be gradually be rolled out to the rest.

CBA Executive General Manager Digital, Pete Steel, said in an official statement today:

What’s exciting about Ceba is that it will be able to do the banking for our customers rather than just provide instructions on how to do it…As our customers increasingly transact online, we have continued to develop additional channels to respond to their preferences, and still be able to provide valuable and personalized banking experiences.

Read more at Commonwealth Bank and CIO Australia.

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