12 Startups Showed Their Latest and Greatest at INV Fintech Demo Day

EXCLUSIVE – On March 6 in San Francisco, 12 impressive startups demoed their latest in fintech technology at INV Fitnech’s 2nd annual demo day. INV Fintech, the sister accelerator to Bank Innovation, is partnered with Fiserv and eight banking partners with over $3 trillion dollars in assets. The startups were carefully scrutinized and selected from over 400 applicants.

In brief, the demoing companies included:

Hoard Invest: Hoard Invest is a financial services platform and exchange for cryptocurrency. The startup aims to create a one-stop-shop in app form for all a customer’s financial data, including cryptocurrency holdings and trading. Hoard also plans to roll out a service similar to Acorns, where spare change is automatically invested into cryptocurrency. Hoard will soon be launching an ICO.

Mortgage Ready: This company helps loan originators close more loans by turning denied applicants into approved customers, and sub-prime borrowers into prime rate refinances. The firm also provides assistance to denied applicants by leveraging bank and credit bureau connectivity to produce automated financial and credit advice.

Bookbild: A SaaS application that helps middle-market private debt lenders speed up private debt transactions, Bookbid is also an information firm that tracks private debt transactions. The firm aims to speed up middle-market private lending debt transactions by 50% through its proprietary software.

Bloxable: The startup provides a decentralized structured finance platform that aims to bring every loan and asset-backed bond onto the blockchain. Bloxable’s platform can automate the complete structured finance process by moving all execution conditions to self-operate via smart contracts. The company is working on a token sale in the coming months.

EMTransfer: EMTransfer digitizes the last paper-based portion of the often painful mortgage process, earnest money, or the funds paid to secure a purchase. The startup allows real estate agents to initiate ACH transfers from the bank accounts of buyers to earnest money holders. EMTransfer aims to digitize the real estate purchase process end to end.

Finspace: The startup facilitates fast and secure data exchange between businesses and financial institutions. Finspace provides banks with financial data and documents, arranged and analyzed in a predefined format and in a digital form that a bank can integrate. The startup solves a number of issues pertaining to the collection of financial data.

Credit.ai: A mobile microlending platform and a loan turndowns marketplace, Credit.ai allows borrowers to borrow money within minutes using the Credit.a app. Lenders perform the underwriting but Credit.ai offers authentication services for borrowers. Furthermore, Credit.ai is a connected product that allows lenders to buy or sell unfunded loans.

SnapCheck: A digital payment tool that offers the familiarity of paper checks with far greater security and speed, Snapcheck seeks to eradicate checks. Checks still account for the majority of payments in the B2B world. SnapCheck fits into business accounting systems, and offers bookkeepers a record of all payments. Most digital payments operate on card rails, which carries additional costs. SnapCheck brings the most popular payment instrument into the digital era.

InspiRAVE: This startup was founded to help saving become as easy and enjoyable as spending. Financial institutions encourage credit, but many consumers struggle to meet basic expenses, let alone an additional debt burden. InspiRAVE therefore partners with merchants to get discounts on items customers want to buy, and helps them save toward their goal, utilizing financial education and social connections.

Debitize: Debitize is a tool for credit-averse millennials to get the benefits of credit cards – rewards, points, and building a credit history – without the risk. Debitize treats your credit card like a debit card, paying off purchases on a schedule set by the cardholder.

Bankify: A social wallet (in the form of a mobile app) that helps users to manage shared expenses within their social network, Bankify replaces the need for traditional personal finance tools. Let Bankify keep track of balances and who owes what, and make final payments simple.

GoldBean: A tool for new investors that gets them started with investing by analyzing their spending history and financial profile. It then builds a personalized portfolio, featuring successful companies and brands that users love, know, and buy.

INV Fintech is currently accepting applications for Class 5. Apply here.


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