Capital One’s Eno Can Now Give Out Virtual Account Numbers


Capital One is making some improvements to its chatbot functionality, now allowing users to request and receive virtual account numbers from Eno, the bank’s virtual assistant. The update will allow the bank’s users to have quicker access to the temporary card numbers when online shopping, Capital One said.

Capital One is utilizing its virtual card numbers—a form of security wherein a bank issues a one-time digital card for purchases—to protect against hackers and other forms of online fraud. The numbers have been in testing at the bank since November 2017, though other banks, such as Citi and Bank of America, have been implementing such codes for a while.

Capital One’s chatbot, which is text-based, can be used for all of the normal functions (checking balance, pay bills, or track spending). Its credit card number extension can be used via web browser, and creates the numbers once you load a site’s page prior to purchase. The bank also allows users to give their numbers nicknames, should they want different numbers for different purposes.

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