Cryptocurrency Is an Asset Class, Chain CEO Adam Ludwin, says

EXCLUSIVE – Cryptocurrency is an asset class that enables a new kind of software, Adam Ludwin, co-founder and CEO of blockchain technology platform Chain said at the Bank Innovation 2018 conference in San Francisco.

That software, according to Ludwin, enables decentralization. At Bank Innovation 2018 in San Francisco, Ludwin spoke on the topic.

Even, bitcoin was developed with the idea of decentralization, he said. Now, however the most famous or infamous cryptocurrency has been associated with volatility and unpredictability. However “the original intention of the bitcoin was to create a decentralized payment system,” he said.

According to Ludwin, the greatest blockchain opportunity for financial services could be in enterprise solutions. But banks and financial institutions still need to get past the “novelty phase,” he said, and use the technology to create real ROIs and improve efficiency.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $10,926.14, down 5.17%, according to CoinBase.

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