Square Brings Cash App to the UK


Payments processor Square is opening its Square Cash app to customers in the United Kingdom, the first international market where it will be available outside of the United States.

UK users will be able to send and receive P2P payments through the app without requiring a fee for the transfer (like a typical Venmo transaction, these show up within the next business day, rather than real-time), the company said in its announcement yesterday.

A spokesperson for Square told MarketWatch:

Sending and receiving money is where Cash App began, and it’s grown into a service with mass appeal in the US as a result of its speed and ease of use.

We’re excited to bring this to more international markets and today is only the start of what we plan to offer as we continue to empower individuals by providing greater financial access to all.

The app in the UK will not yet allow users to buy or sell bitcoin, as US users can, Square said, and the company will not immediately offer UK consumers the physical Cash debit card at the time of launch.

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