Starling Is the U.K.’s First Bank to Offer Google Pay In-App [VIDEO]

Mobile-only challenger bank Starling announced last week that Google Pay has been added to their mobile app for Android. Users can establish an account in-app, within minutes. They can also link a Starling debit card and start spending before the card even arrives. Starling is the first U.K. bank to allow users to set up Google Pay from the bank’s native app.

“At Starling, we use technology to help our customers manage every aspect of their financial lives,” Anne Boden, Starling Bank CEO, told Bank Innovation.

Google Pay was created in January when Android Pay and Google Wallet, two previous payment services from Google/Alphabet, were combined. Google Pay went live in February.

The advent of Google Pay’s digital wallet service allows consumers to pay anywhere using their app. Both Google Pay and contactless, an RFID enabled transaction for purchases £30 or less, operate in the app. This means that across hundreds of apps and retailers, Starling customers won’t have to enter payment information, and a one-time-use virtual account number, rather than a card number, is shared with merchants.

“For new users, Google Pay reduces the time it takes to open and then use their account from days to minutes,” Boden said. “For current customers, Google Pay provides another way for them to pay on the move.”

PFM tools are also built into the app. For instance, users can set up push notifications for account activity, track spending habits, establish savings goals, set overdraft protections, check their balance in real time, and in the event that a card is lost or stolen, users can lock their card from the app.

Starling introduced Android Pay in 2017 and has incorporated payment platforms across it mobile operating systems, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.

To see how it works on Starling Bank’s app, see below:

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