Mobile Banking Apps Get a Blah Net Promoter Score From Consumers, Bank Innovation Finds

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Banking consumers take a middling view of today’s mobile banking applications, according to a study by Bank Innovation.

In the survey conducted this month by Bank Innovation, banking consumers gave mobile banking a net promoter score of 12, which is in the bottom 25% to 50% of all NPS scores. NPS scores range from -100 to 100, the best possible score. A net promoter score measures the willingness of customers to recommend a product or service to others. It is used as a proxy for gauging customers’ overall satisfaction with a product or service and customers’ loyalty to a brand.

For an app, a net promoter score is indicative of the app’s quality of the user experience (UX). User experience is typically measured by looking at factors like ease of navigation, appearance, clarity of information and range of services and features.

By way of comparison, financial services, as an industry, has an NPS of 47. The healthcare industry has an NPS of 76. USAA has a Net Promoter Score of 75.

Still, in the Bank Innovation survey on mobile banking conducted last week, 36.7% of the 267 respondents said they were “very satisfied” with their banking apps, and 27.72% said they were “extremely satisfied,” while only 10.5% said they were “not at all satisfied” with it.

Source: Bank Innovation, July 2018

Consumers offered several suggestions for how financial institutions can improve their mobile banking applications. Tops on the list was security, which consumers said banks should continue to shore up. “Anything to increase security” would be a boon to mobile banking, one consumer said.

Here are some additional suggestions from other consumers:

  • “Banks should offer rewards to customers who use mobile banking frequently;”
  • “Deposit limits on mobile banking – if there would be a way to increase that, it would make it more likely I would use it;”
  • “Mobile banking needs a better design that’s more fun, instead of being so serious” … “Some apps could be more intuitive/functional. The [mobile banking app] design feels like an adapted website, rather than an app;”
  • “Make it easier to add a biller;” and
  • “More transfer options.”

The survey found that most consumers who responded to the survey use mobile banking weekly.

Bank Innovation previously reported USAA Bank’s mobile offering as the top-ranked app among other major banks in the country, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Capital One and Wells Fargo. Read more on these banks’ mobile users here.

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