Consumers Would Be Comfortable Using Google or Apple For Taking Out Loans, Survey Finds

Banks need not fear large technology companies like Google or Apple taking their business. Digital banking continues to be the most convenient option for simple daily transactions, but branches are still necessary for the more complex ones And yet banks should not ignore the shift in banking habits brought on by non-bank technology companies.

For one, companies like Apple, Google and Amazon have raised customer expectation for service and user experience. A new survey released by Fiserv last week shows that because of this, customers are increasingly using non-financial companies to conduct financial activities such as paying bills, P2P payments, budgeting and are even open to using them to get a loan — if and when that should happen.

According to the report, called “The Expectations & Experiences Survey 2018 vs. 2017,” 55% of respondents said they are comfortable using something like Apple Pay or Google to pay bills. This number was at 40% last year.

And although neither Apple, Google or Amazon provide personal loans to consumers, if they did, 39% of people said they would be comfortable taking out a loan with a trusted non-FI player, compared with 29% last year. It’s no surprise then that when it comes to tasks like P2P transfers and budgeting, a majority of those surveyed said they would be comfortable using non-financial companies for these items.

This is not to say that banks should not be wary. The report found that usage of digital banking (both online and mobile) is on the rise, with more than 90% of consumers using online banking at least once every month. And active users (70% of digital banking users) logged into their bank’s online site on average 11 times a month.

It’s no surprise that millennials are the most active digital bankers. According to the report, 92% of millennials surveyed use a digital banking channel, as opposed to 62% of their older counterparts.

The most common thing people do on digital channels? Checking balances (79% of online users and 80% of mobile users).

Bank branches are in good shape too, according to Fiserv’s report, which showed that 52% of consumers said they visited a branch within the past month and 80% in the past six months.

Dan Bjerke, senior vice president of digital banking at Fiserv, said in the report:

The world is being shaped by digital connections and convenience, providing an opportunity for financial institutions to incorporate relevant new technologies and enable customers to manage their financial lives with ease any way they choose to engage. From the moment they pick up their phone or walk into a branch, consumers expect intuitive, seamless banking experiences and a high level of confidence in security across every channel.

The survey, commissioned by Fiserv, was conducted online by The Harris Poll online between February 26 and March 15, 2018. The Harris Poll surveyed 3,050 people 18 and older across the country, who met the following criteria: someone in the household currently has a checking account with a bank, credit union, brokerage firm or other financial organization and they used a checking account to pay a bill or make a purchase in the past 30 days.

Read the full report here.

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