Consumers Aren’t Ready for Alexa to Handle Their Finances

“Alexa, don’t pay my Citi bill.”

Most U.S. consumers are still not ready for personal, AI-enabled assistants, such as Alexa or Siri, to take control of their financials, according to a survey conducted by digital document technology platform Inlet.

According to the ‘Digital Behaviors’ survey released today, nearly half (48%) of the 1,500 participants stated that they would “never” trust Alexa or Siri to pay their bills.

About 36% of respondents were less dramatic, but still “somewhat unlikely” to give Amazon’s virtual assistant a shot—in fact, only about 16% of participants were warm towards the idea.

However, that’s not to say that U.S. consumers are holding fast to traditional methods of payment; more than half of consumers are willing to give up paper statements entirely, according to the survey. Nearly 40% of respondents are also willing to give up things like Facebook, Netflix, chocolate, or drinking for a full month if that meant they could stop receiving paper bills and statements.

The full survey is available upon request here.