Forthcoming App WINK Aims to Help Bank Customers Avoid Fees

piggy_bankFor many consumers, the task of managing finances and developing smarter spending habits while avoiding overdraft fees remains a challenge.

A solution is on its way, and it is called WINK, an app that is being designed to simplify personal finance, according to founder & CEO Matthew Irwin.

Watch the company’s  slightly hallucinatory video (with voiceover by Alan Watts) below.

WINK’s site states the following:


During the last 12 months Americans paid US banks over $40 billion in over draft fees. The madness must stop.. That’s why we’re happy to share details about WINK (the app).

Soon it’ll be easy to create healthy spending habits, naturally, without wasting time, learning complex financial software or dishing out even more money (WINK is free). In reality, mobile banking will never be the same. …

Our patented technology settles the score in last year’s $30.8 Billion annual battle over your hard-earned money.

The app is not available for download yet, but WINK has participated in a San Francisco event and has a live (if not extremely active) social media presence.

Irwin (an “entrepreneur, inventor and creative consultant” based in Dallas) describes WINK in this podcast. Much of the dissatisfaction with banks (and PayPal) discussed in the podcast has to do with the lack of real-time processing and instant access to funds in bank software.

It is hoped that WINK will net enough to produce some philanthropic output for undeveloped countries, Irwin says in the podcast. The company is still seeking investment dollars, but should be available “very soon.”

Read more about Matthew and his consulting business here.


2 thoughts on “Forthcoming App WINK Aims to Help Bank Customers Avoid Fees

  1. How is Wink different than any other PFM app?

    • Good question! We’re supposed to talk to Matthew Irwin to find out! What drew us to the product was the video, which we’re told is now embeddable — we’ll get it up there now.